Sunday, 13 April 2014

Megan Nielsen, you saved me!

There's not much more to say: Megan Nielsen's Ruched Maternity Skirt really saved my maternity wardrobe. I've only made two so far, the houndstooth version and this black version, and I have been relying on these two skirts in so many occasions, and they always make me feel well-dressed. I'm really going to miss these skirt post-pregnancy! 

The houndstooth version might soon be a little too tight over the belly, but I might have more fabric to make another one. When I made the black version I graded out one size on the front piece around the belly and hip area to accommodate for a growing belly (week 26 now!). That was a success! It still has a lot of stretch to grow in.

I have started to think of my post-pregnancy and nursing wardrobe. I have to admit that I'm not a huge fan of the classic nursing tops, so I'm trying to figure out the alternatives. Not knowing how my body will look like afterwards, it's difficult to plan anything, but one idea is using shirts like Gertie's B5895 shirt on top of a regular nursing tank top. Another idea is Made by Rae's converted Washi top with a bow covering a zipper in the front of the bodice. Any other ideas?


Anna | Mormor hade stil said...

Just using any top that can be lifted, but wearing a simple cami underneath will do just fine. By wearing the cami underneath, your tummy won't be exposed, but you still have easy access, and also the overshirt/top/blouse will also guard you - it's like a longer version of the Boob brands nursing tops (which by the way are of excellent quality should you choose to buy any of them).

Zoe said...

You look AMAZING!!! So cool! I wish I'd looked half a good as you when I was preggers. I'm sure you'll find your own combination of garments for nursing, but I have to say that personally I agree with the comment above for nursing: a stretchy top that can be lifted with a vest/camisole/tank top underneath that can be yanked down to get a boob out but covers up your belly is the combo I've found most useful. Lots of people told me this but I didn't believe them until I tired it myself: buttons are too fiddly when you've got a crying baby in your arms, plus you end up getting half undressed each time you need to feed, which might be ok if you're at home but in a cafe? Not ideal! I'm sure you'll find what works best for you soon enough though. Plus to be honest you'll probably be in pyjamas quite a lot to begin with. I wish you all the best and really hope you are feeling good and well. Lots of love, Zoe xxx

LilleLeo said...

Du ser helt smashing ut! Gratulerer med magerusk. <3

Sara said...

Very beautiful! Maybe this is an idea?

Anonymous said...

I love that you look so healthy and happy!

I made several nursing tops from these Jalie Patterns. A small Canadian company. My daughter in law really liked the hoodie, the criss cross top, and the cami with the nursing clips that made for easy access.

Veronica Darling said...

Hi! Just found your blog on Zo's blog! Congrats on your pregnancy!

Agree on the above, anything you can lift up is great access... I wore high waisted skirts/leggings a lot to cover the tum. My midwife suggested wearing highwaisted spanx type underwear anyways to encourage your tummy to return to your original shape (it will be your original shape eventually, if you do your core/pelvic floor lifts correctly - talk to pilates people) ... but as I ALWAYS wore dresses before having the baby I trialled & errored many things... zippers and buttons are WAY too fiddly when your baby is very hungry. So I went for flowy tops and leggings mostly. Then sometimes, I would pull down the neckline of other loose tops (I wore neck scarves a lot to cover the bare chest plate exposed, and then to give my babe a darker/less distracted outlook). Agree with Zo, you will just mooch around a lot so comfy home clothes can get you started!