Sunday, 13 April 2014

Megan Nielsen, you saved me!

There's not much more to say: Megan Nielsen's Ruched Maternity Skirt really saved my maternity wardrobe. I've only made two so far, the houndstooth version and this black version, and I have been relying on these two skirts in so many occasions, and they always make me feel well-dressed. I'm really going to miss these skirt post-pregnancy! 

The houndstooth version might soon be a little too tight over the belly, but I might have more fabric to make another one. When I made the black version I graded out one size on the front piece around the belly and hip area to accommodate for a growing belly (week 26 now!). That was a success! It still has a lot of stretch to grow in.

I have started to think of my post-pregnancy and nursing wardrobe. I have to admit that I'm not a huge fan of the classic nursing tops, so I'm trying to figure out the alternatives. Not knowing how my body will look like afterwards, it's difficult to plan anything, but one idea is using shirts like Gertie's B5895 shirt on top of a regular nursing tank top. Another idea is Made by Rae's converted Washi top with a bow covering a zipper in the front of the bodice. Any other ideas?

Sunday, 9 February 2014

Houndstooth fever (I love houndstooth part 2)

Miss Lindy Lee asked commented couple of days ago, that she hoped I hadn't stopped blogging just because I got married, and even though you might think so, the answer is no! To be honest, there haven't been much sewing the last year, and life has been to exciting, too busy and fun, and sewing is one of the things that I haven't prioritized. My passion for knitting is a different story, and very compatible with sofa and TV-series for relaxing nights...

Another thing that has haltered my blogging (for some strange reason) is the death of Google Reader. I haven't gotten completely comfortable with Bloglovin, and Pinterest and Instagram has become my main sources for inspiration hunts. It's sad, because the blogosphere has been such a great tool for connecting, and now I feel slightly disconnected! So please, if anyone have some recommendations for a good, easy RSS feed, comment below!

Anyway, my circumstances have given me a new challenge: How to keep my stile while being pregnant! Since most of my wardrobe is rather waist-focused, I realized quite early that I had to do something with my clothes, and I have bought some really nice jersey tube dresses, making it possible to wear all my cardigans. What I missed though was wearing skirts with my tops and blouses. I already knew Megan Nielsen's maternity patterns but hesitated since they're a bit pricey (I guess you all know my issues with commercial patterns) and not downloadable as pdf's. I had to give in though, because after hours searching for decent maternity patterns elsewhere, Megan's patterns are some of the few I would imagine using!
I've been following Kristy from Lower Your Presser Foot for some years, and she's always impressed me with her maternity-adapted commercial patterns, but I haven't found any good tutorials on how to adjust commercial patterns to maternity-friendly garments! I have been so desperate that I sent an e-mail to Craftsy and asked them to do a "adjusting patterns for maternity class"! Zoe from So, Zo... has a tutorial on how to make a pattern for maternity tops, which is very helpful, and I'm sure I will make a dress or two based on that tutorial, but should I base my whole maternity wardrobe on jersey??

As you can see, the first skirt I made from Megan's patterns, Ruched Maternity Skirt MN1008 (bought from Backstitch), turned out as a success! I'm super happy with it, and feel "in touch" with my style! I just need a couple of black ones, and some bow belts with stretch (I've found a nice tutorial for inspiration here), and I'm good to go with my regular tops and blouses (I hope) and cardigans!
Wow, I can't believe how quick that belly grows... Only 17 weeks now, and yet it'll get a lot bigger! Oh, anyone notice something else that is new?