Tuesday, 30 July 2013

She's married!

Photo by Øystein Rye Eriksen | photo4you
And then, I was married! I just want to share som photos with you, it's not that I made the dress. It's an ivory satin dress from Vivien of Holloway, that I had adjusted with the help of a good friend. The dress turned out to be a dream to wear!

He's perfect...
Four-houndred-and-something handmade paper flowers...
Polkadots and records. Just like home.

The colours for the day: Red and mint. Perfect combination!

The wedding invitations were inspired by my record-collecting husband-to-be.
I knitted this lovely capelet for the wedding outfit. (Un)luckily, with the warm weather I only wore it before the ceremony. The colour were (by pure luck) matching the table cloths! Pattern and more on Ravelry.

For a trial honeymoon we went to St Petersburg (to be honest, I was going to a very unromantic conference, and then the husband came later). Unfortunately the fabric shops I walked passed were closed at the time, and we didn't find time to go back. Luckily we're travelling more this summer: Cuba and San Francisco is on the list! So any tips for fabric shopping in San Francisco?

We borrowed my favourite car for the day (and our brother-in-law did an excellent job as the chauffeur).

Life as a married girl is great. One thing that I've noticed is that I suddenly have time to think of non-wedding stuff. No need to worry if there's enough paper flowers, or when the table cloths should be ironed, or finding time to punch dymo name tags. All in all, more time for sewing! The weather's been too good, though, so I haven't started any new projects yet. But, more houndstooth, polka dots and strawberries are coming up!

Appropriate underwear for a swing dress!