Sunday, 12 May 2013

I love houndstooth part 1

I didn't intend to be silent for 6 months, but as you all know, time flies and there's nothing that can be done to make it slow down. In addition, planning a wedding (yay!) takes more time than I had imagined. Even though I many months ago decided against sewing my own wedding dress, there hasn't been time for much sewing. Sometimes I do regret buying a dress (like at the moment, when it's a tad too big and need some stitches anyway), especially when I see all the gorgeous dresses out there that could be made! I also looked at Zoe's pictures from her wedding, and she is glowing! I bet it's partly because she is getting married in that gorgeous dress she made for herself!

Well, the fact is that I'm often just too tired. The sofa is soft and comfortable, sewing feels like a challenge, and there's always the fear of getting disappointed. I really appreciated the post from Karen (Karen from Did You Make That?) in the series about true confessions, and how she sometimes is just too tired to sew

Luckily, the wish for a new dress was persuasive, and I slashed into some houndstooth fabric I bought in Berlin (Stoffhaus, Frankfurter Allee 50, Friedrichshain). The fabric is probably some viscose (rayon) cotton mix, rather heavy and extremely nice to work with.
I used my good, old self-drafted pattern, but had to add a waistband due to the too high waist from the original pattern (note to self: Measure how much and alter the pattern). Also, I had to adjust the waistline, as the waist was not in line at all, so I fastened the waistband 1.5 cm higher up in the back. Still the front waist line is actually higher than at the back, and there's still wrinkles across my sway back. Annoying, but I'll ignore it.

I made a kick pleat based on the tutorial from Threads Magazine. It's a super easy, and very elegantly finished kick pleat! I recommend it. I also think it gives a little extra to the dress by breaking up the "big" back piece.

I didn't do anything fancy on the inside of the dress. I've realised I'm not good in spending time with inside details - if I did, the dress would never be finished (and yes, I finished it the same evening as I was going out for drinks...). So there's the red overlock threads for you, but I did give myself time to sew a label onto it. 

What's funny, is that I've many, many times thought of sewing a skirt based on my basic dress block, and this time, I at least tried the skirt part on before attaching it to the top. And look! It seems to fit, an rather good! I did do a small 'prominent abdomen' adjustment (adding ~1 cm in the front), and it looks rather flattering, if I may say so myself. I won't wait too long until I try this out in a more sturdy fabric.