Tuesday, 28 August 2012

The summer holiday dress

We spent two weeks in southern France and Barcelona this summer, and before we left I realized that I didn't have any suitable summer dresses. Again working with a deadline, as I started this a week before we left - the same week we started moving to our new flat. Not surprisingly, I mange to finish it, but left the hem overlocked instead of properly hemmed, and parts of the lining isn't (still) properly attached. A 'frk.bustad' label is also missing.

I spent some time fitting the bust piece, as I realized that the self drafted pattern has some excess fabric above the bust area. Also, drawing the curve freehand didn't really work, so I did some alterations after the bust piece was sewn together. I drafted the collar after the bust piece was more or less finished, and sandwiched it between the front fabric and the cotton lining.

The skirt is based on a 1/2 circle skirt, but as the back piece is 5 cm shorter than the front piece (a result of sway back adjustment of the back), I drafted two circles that would fit the waistline. The sway back adjustment should be a chapter on its own. The dress looks rather funny when it lays flat, with an extremely curved back waistline. However, when I wear the dress, the waistline come out all even on both front and back. My conclusion is that my dresses should always have a waist seam opening up for alterations.