Saturday, 21 July 2012

Alison abroad!

If someone told me before I did this project, that it was easy to sew a swimsuit, I'd probably just laugh. However, with the Alison pattern from BurdaStyle, swimsuit fabric and my overlocker, it was surprisingly easy! I read most of the reviews on the swimsuit from other seamstresses at BurdaStyle, and did some changes based on that.

I added 2 cm to the torso, since many reported the pattern as a little short. You can also see this in the pictures of the original, where the bottom of the bust piece is (in my opinion) too low. I'm really glad I did that, because it would've turned out to short if I hadn't!

Also, I added some height on the back piece and skipped the centre back strap, based on the review from Lucha Suarez. I love silvermink's sailor style Alison, and did something similar with the back straps as halter-neck is a no-go for me.

The bust piece was a little bit saggy, so I added the button in front to 'fix' the gathers in the front tab.

I lowered the side seams 2.5 cm to get an even more vintage look. I just folded and tacked the hem, and then sewed an elastic strap as I went along without pulling it.
I did say it was easy to make, but the pattern does require some logic thinking, both when it comes to sandwiching the crotch and the bust piece with the tab. If you have never sandwiched before, it doesn't seem very logical. Also, the fastening of the back/neck strap was a little tricky and I had to concentrate. Some close-up picture of the seams and gathers: