Monday, 9 April 2012

When Jenny isn't "just a Jenny"

When the Jenny skirt first was published at BurdaStyle, I was sure this would be the perfect pencil skirt. And there was indeed a lot of nice Jennys out there in the Blogosphere. I think Gertie's Jenny with suspenders was one of the first, and how gorgeous isn't that? Then Zoe's of course, black sateen themed with stripes. Gorgeous! Karen from Did you make that? also had great success with her perfectly fitted Jenny. She did put her fabric on fire, but you really cannot blame that on the pattern. House of spoon also made a beautiful version of Jenny. She sews other lovely clothes as well, like this Afternoon Coffee Dress. I just love the piping and the bow! Then there's Amy's (Quixotic Pixels) brilliantly red Jenny, and Sai's (Chance of Rain) bright yellow version, looking both fab and fitted. Julie from Julie's Blog looks absolutely amazing wearing her Jenny skirt with suspenders, and Kati (Kati Made) is so hot with her black Jenny.

So why is it, that I have had so much struggle with Jenny? All I ever wanted was just a perfectly fitted skirt like all the girls above have. Well obviously, the combination of needing to do a "full abdomen adjustment" according to Perfect Fit (do I really have a full abdomen??) and a sway back adjustment made dramatic changes to the pattern. As pictured above, the black lines are the old pattern edges/seam lines and the red lines are the new. Luckily I had some help from my dear friend Nell (who recently worked as a costume assistant on the film Into the White!), but I still haven't gone from muslin to proper fabric. One of the reason is that I keep thinking I should start from scratch, drafting my own pattern. I mean, I just bought Metric Pattern Cutting for Women's Wear, and I like drafting. I also saved Julia B.'s tutorial for Pencil Perfection ages ago...  So what do you think I should do? I'm tempted to try all three options (adjusted Jenny, Winifried's from the book and Julia B.'s tutorial). Drafting  a skirt block isn't very difficult, but I dread the fitting part. But as Tilly says: I do now have a basic skirt block tailored to my measurements, adjusted to match the exact curve of my hips, with just the right amount of ease for sitting, bending and disco dancing (source: Tilly and the Buttons), and doesn't that just sound perfect?

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Stephanie said...

I love the Jenny skirt, but I've always thought that it may be better to just draft a simple skirt to my measurements instead of fiddling with the fit of the skirt and all the cutting out of pattern pieces. So I suppose I'd agree with you to just try making your own draft and fitting that to yourself. But it would be interesting to see how an experiment of several skirt/pattern fittings would work out. Keep us updated and good luck!