Monday, 16 January 2012

What I do when I don't sew

My sewing machine is again hibernating, and I believe it is a result of extensive problem-solving and optimizing project at work (for those into biochemistry: Non-specific binding of secondary antibody in western blotting) that takes all my energy. It is easier to sit in front of the computer and watch TV-series with mr.Jon and knit. Nevertheless, I do believe that making a pencil skirt (more on that in another post), will release my sewing mojo. I have a loose plan of making one garment a month this year, so I'm crossing my fingers. Having plans is always part of this game.

My sister, Fru Bendiksen deserves all the credit of this Fanakofte-project, as she has helped me "as we go" with this pattern. It is inspired by a vintage pattern that I found here , the one called Vacation, but the pattern itself is a traditional Norwegian cardigan from Fana, a place not too far from where I live now. I just love the feminine shape we've managed to make, and there will be poufs!

I started to knit Selbu-mittens, but came across this pattern with houndstooth. And since I love houndstooth, I quickly knitted a pair of houndstooth mittens inbetween the Selbu-mittens. Inbetween-projects are usually the most fun.

I hope to share with you my experience with the Jenny skirt soon, but it requires some effort from me...