Thursday, 17 November 2011

New York, again!

I didn't think I would be back within a year, but there I am in New York again. Paying a visit to Mr. Singer before fabric shopping at Paron fabrics (again). When I find something I like, I tend to stick to it (it will be the sweetheart neckline once more, see Neckline sketches), so instead of a wild-goose chase, I just stuck to what I knew. That's not entirely true, because I did go to B&J, but almost backed out again at once due to overwhelmingness and shock... they just had too much at once! And I must say, the prices... o la la! I believe this is the perfect shop to go to if you're getting started with a project you know you'll master and if you only have one project in mind. For me, just buying two yards of that, two yards of this, B&J was just too-much-ness. Fantastic, nevertheless! So this is what I ended up with from Paron (doesn't it look strangely familiar?):

I browsed through the Burda Style Sewing Handbook at the fantastic book shop The Strand, and that book is going into my shelf. It was strange, being in New York looking at the book with sewing stuff I usually just look at on my computer. It was a surreal feeling, can you imagine? Maybe a feeling of a cyberspace concept becoming real, for real! Haha. I didn't buy the book, though, because I was afraid of excess kilos already, so I'll save it for online shopping.

Talking about surreal; we visited Coney Island, and that was such a lovely, magical and surreal place! Worth visiting just for a stroll in the sun and wind.

(Oh, and NOW there'll be no fabric shopping for me in a while... I have so many ideas and plans, and all I need is to focus. I will try to stick to my July-promise.)