Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Neckline sketches

I planned to whip up a simple, red dress yesterday (always the ambitions... I'm nearly done with a Jenny muslin, so I should stick to that, shouldn't I?) based on the thirtieth birthday dress, but without the sarong-ish front and with a self-made covered belt with some of the kits I bought ages ago. But then I started to think that maybe I should challenge myself with a new neckline, and did some sketches. The trouble is, I can't help thinking the sweetheart neckline is the perfect one! I once did a variation with the Back to Beat dress, but the basis of it is still the sweetheart neckline. So what to do? Should I just go on with it, being incredible boring and stick to the sweetheart?

By the way, Sunni from the A Fashionable Stitch now sells belt-and-buckle-kits, and that's great! She has covered all parts of beltmaking with great tutorials. There's also a good tutorial from Casey from Elegant Musings on Beltmaking.

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Rosy said...

This dress is fabulous project, please add pictures of the progress of it ... I am eager to know more ...