Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Turning 30 is perfectly fine (aka Summer 2011)

Whoa, what a busy summer it's been! It all started with celebration of my 30th birthday, where I partied with all my great friends who could make it, having three live bands, Hawaiian theme and about hundred cupcakes. Then I moved in together with the perfect mr.Jon. The flat is not nearly any finally-moved-in condition, but we had 7 people over for pizza the other day, so there's been some progress the last two months. Then I got offered a PhD-position, which means I can continue doing science for the next four years. Turning 30 is great!
There's mr.Jon with a matching tie to the left, and there were cupcakes, and my favourite band at the moment, the fabulous The Wednesday Knights. All from my 30th birthday party.
My summer continued to be good, with plenty of short trips to everything from big cities (Copenhagen and Oslo) to a small farmstead. I've been at Øya music festival where I saw Miss Margarita, and dared to say hello - she was super nice and looked splendid as always! I've been hiking and gathered blueberries, visited my grandparents with a short trip to their mountain hut and been to Tivoli with my niece and nephew. I've had close contact with wild sheep and not-so-close contact gobbling turkeys behind a fence. They seemed quite interested, though.

Luckily I've had two deadlines this summer (well, I could've pretend to have more, but I guess my own birthday and a wedding is what it takes. hrmf.) I haven't found time to dress up and pose, but I'll give you sneak peaks:
I have some deadlines coming up, but I have to remember my Closing the Gaps pledge and the need for daily clothes (it cannot ALL be dresses! Well, it can, but I have to think more for the daily days). But anyway, there's the Gutter Ball Festival in Oslo, a wedding to attend in Berlin and Norton Record 25th Anniversary in New York (spoilt, moi? Two times NY in one year is luxury, but isn't great to live in an era where that's actually possible?). I have some ideas for it all, but I'll try to include pencil skirts and shirts, so I can catch two birds with one rock by making every-day's outfits as well.