Monday, 28 February 2011

New York!

What a city! I will have to go back in near future; there is so much more I want to see and do, food to eat, places to hang out, enjoying ice cream from Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory in the sunshine (and not only indoors as we did), good coffee and beer to drink, cream cheese flavours on bagels to taste... not to mention the rest of the Garment District that I will have to see.

I took advise from the BurdaStyle blog where Lindsay T. Sews presents the Garment District. I chose to visit only Paron Fabrics based on her description: Paron Fabrics: A smaller, well-edited store that’s a Garment District mainstay. Helpful and friendly staff is generous with their time and their fabric cuts. Not so overwhelming as Mood or B&J, plus you can get great deals in their sale section.

This is true indeed,  the staff was really helpful, and the time I had for spending there was enough to get around their selection of fabrics. I'm getting more and more used to buying fabrics without having a plan, so I did some estimations on how much I needed for what, and ended up with this:

The bottom red fabric is a lovely wool and viscose quality that I got for $12/yard (half price!), and I bought 3 yards so I'll have enough for a dress. The plaid houndstooth is 80% wool and 20% silk and is amazingly soft! It was only $24/yard (I say only, because Norwegian prices would've been at least double!), and I bought 1.5 yards. I'm thinking a cropped jacket, so I can match up the plaids. The top red is silk lining ($10/yard) for the houndstooth fabric. Despite that I'm not a very good impulse buyer, I'm very pleased with this little heap. 

No more fabric shopping for me now (at least not until I go to London in April). I've got to get stash bustin'...

It was cold! But walking across Brooklyn Bridge and eating ice cream at Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory was still great!

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