Monday, 24 January 2011

Possibly back from winter hibernation

Even though my production has been minimal this winter, I have given myself two near coming deadlines for finishing off two dresses. Deadlines may be good, if I manage to finish the project, but ever so disappointing when I realise that  I've bitten off more than I can chew. I started the first dress a while ago, dreaming of a nice and warm dress (it's pure wool), and hopefully the weather will stay cold for a bit longer. Anyhow, I'm going to NEW YORK in February, so a warm dress may come in handy? The top is as always from my self-drafted block, with a boat-neck this time. I think I will insert a hand-picked zip, based on Sewaholic's tutorial. This is the dress so far:
Princess seam and boat-neck and weird background. I don't have many good background surfaces in my new flat. Have to work on that. 

The other dress I'm working on, is supposed to be finished in less a week. I've done some drafting, and have to admit that I really like 2D-drafting (I guess the logical and mathematical approach appeals to me, as well as cutting small paper models to check the logic). I've made toile of the front, as I've been experimenting with the darts and front neckline. The toile is in non-stretchy fabric, so I hope the toile will still be useful, although the final dress will have some stretch. I had to do a small bust adjustment, as my own basic block has always been slightly to roomy, and I applied the principal from J. Stern Design (this is where the small paper models come in handy). I'm planning on putting in a lapped zip (preferably hand-picked), based on Gertie's tutorial. So far, this is what it looks like:
It looks a bit wonky on my clone, at least the front piece, and I think the fit is better on me... 

Possibly back from hibernation, and all I can show off is half-finished projects? Hopefully I have more to show next week and just before my upcoming trip to New York. Please share if you have any great ideas or must-see's or must-eat's or must-visit's when in New York!