Sunday, 10 October 2010


The sunshine dress is finally done! The choice of buttonholes was what hindered me to finish this dress, and I am so happy that I didn't just rush to the normal ones in order to get the dress done! I am very pleased with the result, and making the simplified bound buttonhole tutorial helped me a lot! I was actually going to make an every-day-dress with this look, but both the shiny cotton sateen and the shiny buttons make this dress less casual. I love having pockets in my dresses, and this dress is no exception. 

The buttons are from Istanbul, and what I like about them is that they look just like sweets? For everyone who knows Minstrels (my favourite chocolate sweets), these look like a black liquorice version...

Note on bangs: What can I do to keep it straight? It always looks jagged!


Tilly said...

What a pretty dress! I love the simplicity of the black with the peek of a spotty collar - really nice.

Re. the fringe (bangs), I think it looks cute slightly jagged!

Cecili said...

That's one beautiful dress! It's so rewarding when you think of all the details you've lovingly put in making it :) I like your shoes and retro hosiery too

Miss Margarita said...

AIAI, superfin kjole! Passet deg helt perfekt! :D
Når det kommer til den der luggen har jeg ikke så mange råd.. men når jeg hadde lugg lot jeg den gro litt lengre enn sånn din er nå, og så bøyde jeg den litt innover med rettetang, da ser den rettere ut ;) Husk hårspray!