Wednesday, 18 August 2010

All things cupcake!

I've been featured! I stumbled across All Things Cupcake while I was looking for a cinnamon cupcake recipe and to do picture research for a cross stitch idea I have. Being in an immodest mood, I sent off an e-mail with links to my cupcake birthday dress... All. Things. Cupcake. Indulge!

Sunday, 15 August 2010

The London catch

It's been a while since I came back from London now, but I haven't had much time to appreciate my lovely new treasures. Like my new gorgeous Robuso shears. Aren't they just gorgeous? The sound they make is heavenly! The cherries are a brooch I bought at Vivien of Holloway.

I knew I wouldn't be able to avoid buying fabrics. It's just not possible when I go to London. But, I have to say I was quite moderate this time, and didn't buy fabrics which are similar to what I already have. Just take a look:

This is a wool mix, and I'm planning a skirt. Maybe I'll make the Jenny skirt. Gertie's version is so gorgeous, and although it should be easy enough to draft a pencil skirt, I might just go for the pattern skirt. Note to myself: Make a muslin first, you only bought one metre.

These two took me by surprise! I'm not known for being particularly happy about prints, but I guess that's history now. I'm planning shirts of these light cotton fabrics.

And look! Another Hawaii print fabric! This is a bit more sturdy cotton, with some stretch, and I bought enough for a dress. Maybe similar to my V8280-inspired red beauty.

And how could I resist this? It's a bit silly, but I think it'll be fun together with a pencil skirt, with short sleeves. Maybe as a Sencha-inspired blouse. It's a bit heavy cotton, a little flannelette-like maybe, so it's not a typical blouse fabric, but we'll see. 

And then all my bought, ready-made goodies...I spent quite a few hours and quite a few pounds at Vivien of Holloway. Even though I have principles saying that I shouldn't buy what I can make! So the Rocket Originals shoes are legitimate:

They are in fact very comfortable, and the comfort lasted a whole morning at Borough Market and the Queen's walk. Too bad there won't be so many opportunities to wear them here in Bergen, but I guess that'll make them last!

Buying dresses though doesn't match my principles, but I must say it's inspiring. I bought two dresses at Vivien of Holloway and a petticoat (it's huge!), and this is one of the dresses (oh, miss angry face! Taking self-portraits aren't easy!):

I also went to Brick Lane and tried to shop for vintage dresses, but I have to admit that the synthetic fabrics from 50s and 60s don't appeal very much to me. Also, it's so disappointing when you find something nice, and it's just way too small. It's inspiring though. I found a really nice 50s inspired dress at The Laden Showroom. Those pleats exaggerating the hips are just amazing! I will make dresses with pleats!