Monday, 12 July 2010

It isn't a sewing meltdown...

I certainly want to sew, but the above picture illustrates my sewing room at the moment... I was forced to move a month ago, as my landlords needed the flat, and then I had to pack all my fabrics and stash in plastic bags and boxes. I have to admit that I was a little surprised about the amounts... It looks so much better when all the fabrics are folded nicely and lays in shelves. I guess I won't be doing any sewing soon, but I'm soon off to London to join a class in Professional Sewing Techniques. Hopefully that'll give me the encourage to unpack all my stuff, and do some serious sewing for the winter wardrobe.

So have a nice summer holiday, ladies and lads!

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immi. said...

Hi Helen,
oh, now I am dissapointed that you want to make a sewing-break. But it is o.k. ;-) - recently I also thougt I should pause with sewing for a while to come down.
See you soon in october!