Thursday, 29 July 2010

Horrockses Fashions

I've been quite a tourist in London this time. I've visited London Transport Museum where I learnt all about the underground and its very interesting (!) development, the Geffrye Museum showing English domestic interiors from the 17th century to the present and strolled through the lakeside terraces near the Barbican Centre. Also, I was lucky enough to visit both the Horrockses Fashions off the peg style in the '40s and '50s at The Fashion and Textile Museum and the Grace Kelly Style Icon at the V&A. Both exhibitions were great, but I have to say that inspiration wise, the Horrockses rocked... It's just sad that you cannot touch the fabrics, look at the zips, try to figure out who they did that and this and look at the seams on the inside... Nevertheless, I got some photos that inspire! For those of you who don't live close to London, I share the pictures below. 

Horrockses Fashions was a respected ready-to-wear label in of the late 40s and 50s mostly associated with cotton summer dresses. From the exhibition catalogue: The practical nature of Horrockses Fashions meant they were considered ideal for everyday wear. Cottons ranged from soft and draped, to heavier poplins and cotton corduroys, woven in Preston. The arrival of the New Look in 1947, with its full-skirted exaggeration of the female form, was quickly taken up by ready-to-wear manufacturers and was perfectly suited to Horrockses' crisp fresh cottons. Doesn't that just sound lovely?


FruBendiksen said...

Hopefully this has inspired you to unpack your stash? Get going with all thos snuggly and stylish coats, dresses and gloves!

milli said...

Å gu kå gøy det va at du var i London! Savner deg!