Sunday, 13 June 2010

All I can think about is dresses!

Summer is visiting, and that influence my way of dressing. And all I want to wear is dresses. With all my stash, ready to join Zoe's stash bustin' project, I make up dresses in my head as I work, in my sleep, while I eat... meaning constantly. I'm not tired of my basic block, but browsing through Butterick patterns yesterday made me dream about perfectly fitted commercial patterns. I mean, they do come in different sizes, and I have promised myself to practice tissue fitting and muslin making! So, without saying I will make all these, I want  something similar to these Butterick dresses: Top row: B6582, B5350, B5315, and B5029; bottom row B5209, B5176 and B4443.

I would also love to try out the Ceylon dress from Colette Patterns. Tilly shows off her stunning Hollywood starlet version in the picture below, and I've also seen a brilliant version on the blog Needles, thread and love.

Oh, and by the way, I've styled my hair into the smallest victory roll ever, but it is a victory roll, nevertheless! Not as nice looking as Miss Margarita or Brittany, but with my short hairstyle what could I expect...

Sunday, 6 June 2010

From wiggle failure to red triumph

How much trouble hasn’t this dress given me? It nearly made me loose the belief in commercial patterns. Maybe not even nearly, because it made me understand that muslins are a must, and that fact probably is going to make me stick to my basic block for a long time. Unless I want to challenge myself, which I know I should. It also made me realise that I’m quite a slipshod because I can’t be bothered to read instructions and sew-as-I-go. Honestly, I don't read instructions at all! My sewing mate was shocked when we discussed it, and she told me that she's read the Reader's Digests Complete Guide to Sewing from cover to cover, a book I know is excellent, but I use it as a reference book. What I found intriguing, was that she then asked me how did you learn to sew then, if you don't read the instructions, how do you know the logical way of putting pattern pieces together?  
The celebration of a good friend’s 30th birthday was in the end what trigged me to finish this. And I have to admit that I’m quite pleased with the result. I love to dress down dresses for everyday wear, but this is a little bit difficult. Maybe with a superlong-sleeved top à la Vivienne Westwood's, and my Dr. Martens this could work during November.
When I cut the pattern, I shortened the back piece about one inch, but still it seems to crawl a little up the back. The front darts are a little bit too high for my natural bust point, but the curve looks OK. I like the flaps on the front piece, but I had to fasten them to the front piece to make them look nice. I don’t know what the instruction says about this. I’d love to make a version of the original V8280 wiggle dress, but I know I’d have to do some serious tissue/muslin fitting, so I might just alter my basic block instead.
More pictures below!