Thursday, 13 May 2010

Me-Made-May Conclusions

Conclusions already, you ask? Yes, indeed there will be some conclusions. It took me less than one week to realise that Zoe's Me-Made-May challenge was bigger than I first thought. For instance, I seriously need to plan my to-do list in order to get a more thought-through wardrobe. An inventory list shows that I don't really have enough to cover a whole month if I want some variation:
3 basic tops
1 pencil skirt
1 high-waisted skirt
1 dress
2 shirts (one that only works with the pencil skirt)
1 pair of leggings
In addition to the garments mentioned above, I have the red dress with the back zipper, the amanita dress and some other dresses that I don't really wear that often (sunny days for the amanita dress might come along). 

And hey, who did I try to fool, thinking that drawing clothes for Minnie-Me would be quicker and more fun than posing in front of my door and take a picture each day. Besides, I should be sewing, not drawing. I guess this is the crux of the matter, to actually expand my wardrobe during May to meet the aim of the Me-Made-May-Lite challenge! Because, apart from one day, I have worn a garment made by me each day minus one.

The conclusions are: I won't manage to have Minnie-Me dressed up for each day in May. I must do some seriously sewing. I must plan.

And Zoe? Please do not blog "Me-Made-May-Murder"... I had a dream last night where you blogged about people not following up the challenge (I am, I'm just not blogging!), and there was only one person to "murder" and that was frk.bustad... I had a sigh of relief this morning when I realised it was just a dream...


Ali said...

your post made me laugh :) i'm in the same boat (both with blogging and conclusions!)

i look forward to seeing what you come up with!

stephanie said...

I love paper dolls! And yours are so nice. I've been wanting to draw some myself for ages, but I never get around to doing it. Paper dolls rock!

Thanks also for your help on my sloper/muslin. Still working on it.

Zoe said...

Oh no! That's a terrible dream! I have no intention of harming anyone, I promise, even if they revert to wearing mass-manufactured clothes for the rest of their life!

Please don't put lots of pressure on yourself. You're idea for the mini-you illustrations was a lovely, if ambitious one. Maybe you could make a mini-you for your favourite outfit of each week? Then you would only have to create four for the whole month? xxx

SEW RED HOT said...

Hi Helene

You left a message on my blog asking if I had any good sway back adjustment information.

I basically do the same as set out here
and sometime have to re-sew the darts a bit longer.

I know I have to do it when I sew, but I usually make the adjustment as above and fiddle with the darts afterwards.

Very technical, I know.


FruBendiksen said...

You know that your nuts when you..... dream of a paperdoll murder in the blogospere?? Lol! Love your doll though, and the intensions just needs to be lowered a tiny bit to make it work. But you are right, get back sewing!!

Miss Margarita said...

Så moro å finne enda en norsk "retro"-blogger, det er alt for få av oss ;)
Jeg har et ønske om å lære meg å sy selv, og her var det mye fin inspirasjon! Fortsett sånn :)

Ha en fin dag :)