Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Festive times!

Because I'm proud and the cupcakes look gorgeous, colourful and fun! And also because I had a great birthday party with my great friends! I got stripy candy from Sarajevo, tea in a cute box from Brewhaha, cups with polka dots, a Wanda Jackson LP, bird-shaped pegs, firecrackers, a bottle of wine, a fish yet to be caught, 2 packs with cute table napkins and a Professor Pez CD. What a treat!
Update: Oh, and because it blended so well into my kitchen, I forgot to mention the kitchen towel with cupcakes!

Happy birthday to me!

The cupcake dress is done, and with enthusiasm, persistency and a deadline it only took me two days! And that's including baking a zillion cupcakes, a three hour hike and late mornings!

It's past midnight now, so happy birthday to me! 

Thursday, 13 May 2010

Me-Made-May Conclusions

Conclusions already, you ask? Yes, indeed there will be some conclusions. It took me less than one week to realise that Zoe's Me-Made-May challenge was bigger than I first thought. For instance, I seriously need to plan my to-do list in order to get a more thought-through wardrobe. An inventory list shows that I don't really have enough to cover a whole month if I want some variation:
3 basic tops
1 pencil skirt
1 high-waisted skirt
1 dress
2 shirts (one that only works with the pencil skirt)
1 pair of leggings
In addition to the garments mentioned above, I have the red dress with the back zipper, the amanita dress and some other dresses that I don't really wear that often (sunny days for the amanita dress might come along). 

And hey, who did I try to fool, thinking that drawing clothes for Minnie-Me would be quicker and more fun than posing in front of my door and take a picture each day. Besides, I should be sewing, not drawing. I guess this is the crux of the matter, to actually expand my wardrobe during May to meet the aim of the Me-Made-May-Lite challenge! Because, apart from one day, I have worn a garment made by me each day minus one.

The conclusions are: I won't manage to have Minnie-Me dressed up for each day in May. I must do some seriously sewing. I must plan.

And Zoe? Please do not blog "Me-Made-May-Murder"... I had a dream last night where you blogged about people not following up the challenge (I am, I'm just not blogging!), and there was only one person to "murder" and that was frk.bustad... I had a sigh of relief this morning when I realised it was just a dream...

Thursday, 6 May 2010

All those possibilities...

Sometimes The Internet is a bit overwhelming, but in that fun, I-want-everything, money drizzling way. Tart Deco has blogged about two extremely tempting possibilities that will cost you, but I'm just glad these possibilities exists! The first one: Remember I said, that luckily I have to buy the shoes? Well, I guess you could always take a short course, say at London College of Fashion, but I think I will keep treating myself with buying those shoes. So when Tart Deco shared the link to Shoes of Prey, I fell in love! It's way too expensive, and I hardly ever wear high heels (although you can get flats also), but if I had an endless savings, I see myself ordering dozens of shoes, in all imaginable colours and combinations, just to own those beauties!

The second one: Spoonflower is a online fabric shop printing custom design on demand! I'm not a print girl, but the times I'd really like to make a dress with print, wouldn't it be great to have designed the print!? I'm thinking a dress with crystal structures of my favourite protein, 14-3-3... ha ha! The fact that this possibility exists, makes me breathless...The fabric  in the picture above is from Heather Dutton.

Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Mad Men season 4!

Picture from Fashion in Motion.
I can't wait, I can't wait, I can't wait! New season due 25th of July!

Sunday, 2 May 2010

Minnie-Me for Me-Made-May-Lite

I've told you how I've actually been wanting to do paperdolls again, and guess what? I did! And all because of the Me-Made-May challange by So Zo... She did a Me-Made-March in well, March, where she only wore items made by herself, and decided she wanted to try once more, and make it 'bigger, brighter, more colourful and more fun'. And with that she challenged her readers to join in! She modified requirements for us who saw it as a too big challenge, and presented us for the Me-Made-May-Lite, where the aim is to wear at least one handmade garment each day. The lite version appeals to me, but being realistic and honest, I know that I won't post a picture everyday, so I'm going to do another version, partly inspired by Polka Dot Overload's Mini-Wardrobe Storyboard. So I hereby introduce you to Minnie-Me!

My drawing skills are nothing to brag about (I made an improvised light table for Minnie-Me... I guess you can recognise the picture from the flamingo shirt photos), but I will make paper clothes of what I wear every day, and make a post about once a week during May. Fun at work, sewing meltdown and sunny weather have kept me from sewing, but I hope this challenge inspires me to wear new clothes as I haven't prepared any new ones for Me-Made-May. Yet. 

Apropos sewing meltdown... The fact that I managed to shorten the same leg on a pair of jeans twice made me quite resigned... But today is a new day. Happy sewing!