Sunday, 7 March 2010

Loppemarked / Jumble marked

Loppemarkedsesongen har startet og denne symaskinen måtte være med meg hjem! Er den ikke nydelig? Jeg kjenner ikke til merket Omega, noen andre som vet noe? Den er 'made in Denmark', merket med en Sytrix-logo og har modellnummer 208.
The jumble marked season has started, and this sewing machine just had to come home with me! Isn't she a beauty? I don't recognize the brand Omega, anyone else who knows anything? It's 'made in Denmark, marked with a Sytrix logo and the model no. is 208.


FruBendiksen said...

Å, så fiiin den var!

Anonymous said...

Just found identical one from a fleamarket in Finland, and took it to service :) Seems to be identical although mine says it's made in Sweden. The repair guy seemed pretty excited and promised to make it functional. The guy was able to give some information: propably made by Janome and rebranded (made in Japan and put together in sweden to go around some import laws of the time?). The zigzag system is apparently very nice compared to typical mechanism.